Investor Presentation & Concall Transcripts
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Investor Presentation Q4 FY17 Results, May 22 2017
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Investor Presentation Q3 FY17 Results, December 31 2016
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Earnings Conference Call Transcripts Q2 H1 FY17
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Investor Presentation Q2 & H1 FY17 Results, September 30 2016
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Investor Presentation Q2 and FY17 Results, September 2016
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Corporate Presentation November 2016
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Investor Presentation Q1 and FY17 Results, June 2016
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Investor Presentation Q4 and FY16 Results, March 2016
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Investor Presentation Q3 & 9M FY16 Results, December 31, 2015
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Investor Presentation Q2 & H1 FY16 Results, September 30, 2015
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Earnings Conference Call Transcripts 9M FY 2015
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Investor Presentation Q3 & 9M FY15 Results, December 2014
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Earnings Conference Call Transcript Q1 FY 2015
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Investor Presentation Q2 & H1 FY15 Results, September, 2014
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Investor Presentation Q2 FY15 Results, November 14,2014
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Investor Presentation, August 2014
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Investor Presentation Q1 FY15 Results, June 2014
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Investor Presentation Q4 and FY14 Results, March 2014
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Investor Presentation Q3 and YTD FY14 Results, December 2013
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Earnings Conference Call Transcript H1 FY14, November 20, 2013
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Investor Presentation Q2 & H1 FY14 Results, September 2013
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Conference Call Transcripts Q1 FY14 Results
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Investor Presentation Q1 FY 2014 Results, June 2013
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Our Vision :
To become the largest renewable energy producer in India and other attractive markets and reach 1000 MW.
Our Mission :
To make a significant and lasting contribution to the environment and to achieve sustainable development.