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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

(i) Initiatives on Sustainable Green Power Generation.

a. Biomass from wind sites:

For the first time in the history of Indian Renewable energy; with a view to make use of the vast land area available in our wind sites, we are cultivating new promising low cost, dry land energy crops which is expected to yield about 10 MT/acre/year.

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b. Energy Plantation in waste lands:

The growing energy crunch is a great risk & barrier for India's development. Clean & green technology is necessary to ensure India's energy security & environmental safety.

OGPL has been generating power by using renewable energy resources since 2007. However, increasing shortage of biomass is felt as competing industries use at rising pace the urban green matter as fuel. Hence OGPL has started exploring alternate energy crops with the aim of benefiting farmers as well and it chose annual / seasonal crops for better availability of biomass. We found Cumbu Napier (CN4) species as the most promising species in short term coppice under irrigated conditions and Leuceanaleucacephala under rain fed condition through contract farming in surplus / under utilised land with farmers in neighboring areas.

  • OGPL plans to set up decentralized biomass banks in rural backward areas for sustainable supply chain of biomass to power plants and green environment through cultivation of short term High Density Coppicing Energy crops.
  • In short we would like to set up green power villages.
In this front, OGPL has realized that growing Biomass in a large scale is possible only

When the society takes this concept forward.

When there is real time benefit to the farmers by growing trees.

When it is accepted as doable by the farmer community.

As a first step at Sempatty, Dindigul Buy back agreement system has been introduced in 5 acres of farmers' field for the cultivation of Cumbu Napier.

OGPL's partnership with farmers is expected to last longer. As such, providing farmers with income by growing crops with a far shorter harvest cycle is an important part of OGPL's overall program, designed to improve farmer livelihoods while retaining their motivation to care for environment due to their partnership with OGPL. Therefore, while the program is potentially aimed at providing food for the farmers with barren lands or additional revenue for farmers doing the inter cropping, it will also help generate clean energy on a sustainable manner.

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c. Initiatives towards Green Environment:

To promote organic farming and sustainability in agriculture, OGPL initiated the Farmer's awareness program at Sempatty on Application of Fly Ash to increase yield and in part of soil conservation with Reddiar Chatram Sustainable Agriculture Producer Company Ltd. (A Farmer's producer company) & M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation.

We Initiated programme -Application of Fly Ash from biomass power plant to increase yield and in part of soil conservation has started yielding results. The farmers are happy that earth worm population has grown very high where biomass fly ash was applied in the hitherto fallow lands. As part of CSR activity OGPL is supplying Biomass fly ash to farmers free of cost from all its operating units at a time when the increase in the cost of inorganic fertilizers is squeezing the poor farmers.

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d. Programme on Farmer role in the control of Global warming:

As part of CSR activities, we conducted a one day workshop for the farmers in and around our subsidiary Shriram Non Conventional Energy Limited at Pattukottai, Tamil Nadu. The workshop was on Farmers' role in the control of Global Warming which was attended in large numbers and well received too. The highlight was that the farmers have come forward to associate in the compost production from the biomass ash and inter cropping of Energy Plantation crops in their Coconut Farms.

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(ii) Initiatives towards social Development

As part of our CSR activity; Shriram Powergen Limited, Dindigul a subsidiary of OGPL, supported the Polio Prevention Camp organized by Government Primary Health Centre, Alamarathupatti, Dindigul at Panchayath Union Middle School on 20.01.2013 by paying the expenses of nurses involved.

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Our Vision :
To become the largest renewable energy producer in India and other attractive markets and reach 1000 MW.
Our Mission :
To make a significant and lasting contribution to the environment and to achieve sustainable development.